Epoxy Flooring

  • 20 Year Warranty
  • 25 Style/Color Options
  • Full Brindle Flake Patterns
  • Superior Clear-Coat
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Extremely Durable
  • Heat & Chemical Resistant

Simulated Granite Epoxy Floors

Residential | Commercial

Simulated granite epoxy floors are an excellent flooring choice for homes and businesses throughout Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas. With our extreme climate and outdoor activities, garage floors can take a beating throughout the year. Epoxy flooring is the perfect flooring to stand up to the South Dakota climate and activities. These elegant and appealing floors not only look great, but are extremely durable, heat and chemical resistant, easy to clean and are environmentally safe. Your floor will look great for many years to come with low maintenance simulated granite epoxy floors from Superior Garage Décor and More in Sioux Falls.

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